Hey friend!

You and I are probably a lot alike. Like most girls, when I was growing up I wanted to feel and look beautiful, but my efforts never felt like they quite succeeded and I struggled a lot with my self-worth. I constantly questioned my reason for being and struggled to discover a purpose--or at least a path--for my future. Everything just seemed murky and far away. Finally, while in college, the pieces began to come together.

In my twenties, I discovered how much Jesus loves me--and that he has a purpose for my life. This truth changed everything--and happened about the time I met a couple of women who helped me with my outward appearance. Until then, I really didn’t know anything about hair and make-up. I gained confidence that not only did Jesus find value inside of me--but I could look good on the outside, too. Much later, I became an associate with Premier Designs (now DVTD!), and a big part of our training was fashion. This was the clothing help I needed to develop a put-together look.

I attended Ouachita Baptist University and studied Psychology and Bible. I met my husband there, and he became a pastor. When he attended seminary, I loved his Bible classes. Beginning with children, I discovered a love for teaching the Bible. Now, I teach a women’s Bible study every week--where we discover the answers to all our questions in Scripture. I'm the author of two books and also write regularly for Crosswalk.com magazine about living the Christian life and even about how to be a grandparent who hands down her faith.


I love to play with color, in fashion, interior design, and painting with pastels.  still continue to benefit from the fashion training I received while with Premier Designs. I’m constantly updating or changing the interior of my home and Pinterest is a fun diversion. One of my best friends is an award-winning pastel artist, and she helps me hone my skills--although for me it’s more about fun with color than perfection.

These days, I’m a mom to two married sons and Mimi to five grandsons. We all love the outdoors and adventure. Some of our favorite family activities are water sports at the lake and snow skiing in the mountains.

Looking back, you can see how, gradually, the various paths in front me began to coalesce into a single road with many delightful sights to explore along the way. I chose to bring along the best from each of them, and now my life’s basket overflows with rich meaning, color, and lots of fun. I’m still chasing beautiful in every area of my life.

a few fun facts about me...


My grandmother was an artist and some of her work is in a museum.


I love cats and told my husband when we decided to marry that I was a package deal--I came complete with cats.


My husband proposed to me the first time he met me! It was part of a game, and after that we began dating.


I love to travel and have visited 46 states and 19 international countries.


I spent 10 years as a special education para-professional in our public high school and three years in the middle school.


I collect seashells--and love the beach. Cats paws are my favorite shell, and they are only found on the Florida gulf keys and islands.